VFolders Menu Generator

vfmg aims to be a successor of abandoned wmconfig menu generator. wmconfig is based on applnk - a Red Hat standard for building the window managers menus. However there were many inconveniences, thus a new standard was made by freedesktop. Here's the tool which tries to conform that specification.
For now it's not finished, but I'm trying to develop the most signifficant parts (XDG parser) as well as support for many window managers at one time, so check often for new releases. The project suffers a lack of testers with various window managers. Lack of mainstream Linux distribution with full support of VFolders doesn't help either, so you are welcome to write me all bugreports, feature requests and suggestions using e-mail found in README file (sorry, no fodder for spamers' harversters).



Supported WMs: aewm, afterstep, blackbox, enlightenment, fbpanel, fluxbox, fvwm2, icewm, olvwm, openbox, qvwm, wmaker, xfce4, xpde



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